Our approach to your healthcare

Our Philosophy of Care

We believe in the benefits of continuity of care and a “usual Doctor” will be responsible for each patient, although patients can choose to see any Doctor.

We believe in developing the skills of our team, therefore we have encouraged our Nursing team to study for higher qualifications and to gain specialist skills.  Sister Lisa Millar is a Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Prescriber and is qualified to assess, treat and prescribe for minor conditions. Sister Millar is also our COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and Asthma Nurse.

Our Healthcare Assistants are Sarah Withers, Gillian Turner and Joanne Gallagher. They have received training to carry out a range of clinical measurements & procedures including blood pressure monitoring, and spirometry, hearing and ECG tests.

Data Protection

Patient information is shared between clinical professionals as part of your care. All staff are bound by a confidentiality undertaking. The only exception to patient confidentiality is related to child protection, when there is a legal obligation to disclose any concerns. Anonymised data is used by the NHS for ‘Health of the Nation’ research. Some computerised patient records can now be securely transferred between practices when you transfer from one practice to another.

Consent to Treatment

If you present at the practice for a booked appointment for a procedure (for example a vaccination) you will be deemed to have consented for treatment. In some cases, for instance minor surgery procedures, your signed consent is required.

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    Named GP for every patient
    Every patient in our practice has a named/usual GP who will be accountable for their care, although patients have the choice to see different doctors.

    Mobile Numbers
    Please check we have your mobile numbers on record so we can send you appointment reminders. You can also use the service to cancel your appointments.

    Pharmacy First
    Your local Pharmacy can give you help and advice about your health and well-being. Minor conditions can often be dealt with by a pharmacist without a prescription and without the need to see a doctor. They may be able to advise you on the most suitable treatment, which may include an over-the-counter medicine.

    Electronic Prescriptions
    Your prescriptions can now be sent electronically from the surgery to your nominated pharmacy.

    This means you will not have to make a return journey to the surgery to collect your paper repeat prescription. Simply order your prescription in the usual way. Your medication will be ready for collection from the pharmacy usually within 2-3 working days.

    Speak to a member off staff at the surgery or a pharmacy.

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