Repeat Prescriptions

How to get a Prescription

Prescriptions are written by all Doctors and our Nurse Practitioner and can be taken to any chemist/pharmacy for dispensing.

Patients needing regular medication are issued with repeat medication prescriptions which may issue enough for more than one month, and then a further prescription can be issued without seeing a clinician.  Simply place your ‘repeat’ slip in the prescriptions post box in Reception (or outside the building) and your new prescription will be ready in 72 hours.  You can email or fax the surgery as well to request repeat medication. We now have an online repeat prescription ordering service. To register for this, please contact the surgery or pick up your registration form from Reception.

Some local pharmacies provide a collect and delivery service which helps patients who find it difficult to get out of the house.  Such ‘housebound’ patients can telephone the surgery if they need more prescriptions.

How to get a Repeat Prescription

All long term prescriptions will have a ‘repeat’ slip attached to the side of the prescription.  Patients should keep track of how much medication they have left, and when they are going to need more, tick the items they require, and bring the repeat slip into the Practice.  There is a box for these on the Reception desk.  If the Practice is closed, there is a letter box to the right of the main entrance ramp.  You can also send your repeat slip by post if you wish. You can also order your repat prescriptions over the internet if you are registered for our Online Services.

Prescriptions are prepared every morning and signed by Doctors between morning and afternoon surgeries.  In some cases, prescriptions require to be reviewed by Doctors before they can be issued and this takes longer.  We undertake to get your prescription request completed for you within 72 hours. The new prescription can be collected from Reception or can be forwarded directly to the Pharmacy of your choice if you request this.  Some local Pharmacies will deliver medication direct to your home.  Any patients who are housebound can telephone the Practice.

Patients can take their repeat prescription requests to either surgery, but will need to arrange pick up from the same site.

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    Named GP for every patient
    Every patient in our practice has a named/usual GP who will be accountable for their care, although patients have the choice to see different doctors.

    Mobile Numbers
    Please check we have your mobile numbers on record so we can send you appointment reminders. You can also use the service to cancel your appointments.

    Pharmacy First
    Your local Pharmacy can give you help and advice about your health and well-being. Minor conditions can often be dealt with by a pharmacist without a prescription and without the need to see a doctor. They may be able to advise you on the most suitable treatment, which may include an over-the-counter medicine.

    Electronic Prescriptions
    Your prescriptions can now be sent electronically from the surgery to your nominated pharmacy.

    This means you will not have to make a return journey to the surgery to collect your paper repeat prescription. Simply order your prescription in the usual way. Your medication will be ready for collection from the pharmacy usually within 2-3 working days.

    Speak to a member off staff at the surgery or a pharmacy.

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