Patient Panel

We have a Patient Participation Group and we publish newsletters to keep patients aware of new services which we are offering.  We are a go-ahead Practice, that takes advantage of opportunities to develop new services, but also retains the traditional values of the ‘family Doctor’.  We are a traditional, local service which recognises the therapeutic relationship between a Doctor and a patient.  We like patients to see one Doctor for ongoing care of a long term condition, whenever possible.

We also recognise, however, the importance of providing accessible services on a daily basis to help patients who are ill with short term conditions.  We have trained up the Nursing team to provide a range of services to patients, with the support of GPs, in order to increase patients’ access to medical help.

Purpose of the Patient Panel Group

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest
  • To bring a sense of ownership and partnership between practice staff and patients
  • To consult patients about the facilities and provision of services
  • To produce an action plan, in conjunction with the Practice Manager, in response to the findings of the consultation
  • To disseminate information about the work of the Patient Panel Group
  • To receive information about the changes to healthcare provision
  • The group is not be seen merely as a complaints gathe.  The intention is for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice and the healthcare of its patients
  • The meeting does not discuss individual complaints against a member of staff as there is a seperate complaints procedure for that purpose.

How can Patients have their say

Patients can ask to see the Practice Manager at any time, or can write with any views. Issues or comments will be treated seriously, investigated and a response will be given.

The Lower Gornal Medical Practice has a flourishing Patient Group that meets about 6 times a year on Monday 6.30 pm.  We welcome new members, particularly those able to give us the perspective of younger patients and working age patients. Patient Panel Group minutes can be viewed here.

Patients can contact group members through the practice if they wish to have an item raised at a meeting:

  •         David Gill (Chair)
  •         Christine Bate (Vice Chair)
  •         Geoffrey Davies
  •         Donella Bullas
  •         Gaynor Ormerod
  •         Margaret Sargeant
  •         Gerald Wood
  •         Julie Pitt
  •         Helen Newton
  •         Lorna Stevens
  •         Elizabeth Carrier
  •         Elaine Lloyd

We do value patient feedback, and we have used it very positively to make improvements to the way we operate.

  • CQC Report

  • Practice News

    Named GP for every patient
    Every patient in our practice has a named/usual GP who will be accountable for their care, although patients have the choice to see different doctors.

    Mobile Numbers
    Please check we have your mobile numbers on record so we can send you appointment reminders. You can also use the service to cancel your appointments.

    Pharmacy First
    Your local Pharmacy can give you help and advice about your health and well-being. Minor conditions can often be dealt with by a pharmacist without a prescription and without the need to see a doctor. They may be able to advise you on the most suitable treatment, which may include an over-the-counter medicine.

    Electronic Prescriptions
    Your prescriptions can now be sent electronically from the surgery to your nominated pharmacy.

    This means you will not have to make a return journey to the surgery to collect your paper repeat prescription. Simply order your prescription in the usual way. Your medication will be ready for collection from the pharmacy usually within 2-3 working days.

    Speak to a member off staff at the surgery or a pharmacy.

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